Thank you to Vision of Dance

A big Thank You to VISION OF DANCE/PECINA DANCE and our FABULOUS dance instructor, Michael Pecina! He is truly the Man, the Myth and the legend of dance. He has absolutely brought my dance journey and level beyond my imagination and by the way where it should be! Anyone should be honored to have him as their teacher. He is experienced, and very unique in his technique. Every student has their own goals in dance and he helps to teach “proper” syllables and establish technique to help each student reach “their”dream from the ground up correctly. We have done many competitions before but our studio went to the Fleming Island Medal Ball where we were watched by a board of examiners where they looked to see if we were following and using in our dance lessons correct syllabus thru several heats of each dance. We were scored by the board of examiners. We scored very high and won the top two awards that were given out. Thank You to Fleming Island Ball for the fabulous time. Once again, thank You, Michael Pecina, for your dedication to the art of teaching dance and we here at Vision of Dance are truly honored for your “syllabus”based teaching and helping each and every one of us reach our individual goals in the dance world of social and competitive dancing. Thank You for all that you do.

Karen Miller

June 2024

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